Athletic scholarships are very hard to achieve. They are not just given away. An athlete must stand out in the crowd to make an impact and gain consideration from top institutions. More than ever, students are seeking out the small number of scholarships available, and VideoScout answers the call for help with interactive CDs that put students directly in front of recruiters.

The College Board notes that the average cost for a college education today is approximately $12,202 per year. But, this cost could be as high as $50,000 per year or more for students attending Ivy League schools. Parents will find it difficult to contend with these costs, and VideoScout is a great answer because it can mean a significant return on investment.

There are many video companies that provide sports recruiting videos within the list of services they advertise. Some even specialize in sports recruiting videos, but the one thing missing from all of these companies is consistency. Perform a search on the Internet for “sports recruiting videos” and you will see that no two are alike. We’re not saying that these companies don’t produce quality video, but we are saying that the content of the video, means of distribution, and marketing are all different.

Now, put yourself in the shoes of the typical college recruiter. On a regular day, someone in this profession will get numerous phone calls from high school athletes. They will also receive some VHS tapes, DVD’s, letters with pictures, etc. All will be from parents or the student athletes themselves trying to get recruiter attention.

A recruiter doesn’t have much time to view video along with performing other daily tasks, so how does he/she decide what to watch? Since most recruiters don’t normally have DVD players in their offices, the DVD’s they receive can’t be viewed. The next option is to pick up a VHS, pop it in, and press play – assuming they have a working VHS player. At this point, the following questions are running through the recruiter’s mind: How long is this tape? Who am I watching? What school is this person attending? Why did the videographer tape that? Why can’t I see more of this athlete’s team play as a whole? Why does it look like this athlete is on a pro team? I wonder what those DVD’s have on them? You get the point. There is definitely a lack of consistency in the video submitted to professional recruiters today.

This is where VideoScout comes to the rescue. VideoScout is the recruiter’s preferred tool because it can answer all of their questions and aid with recruitment tasks instead of hindering them.

When a coach or recruiter receives a VideoScout CD, they will view it on their computer, see the professional standards of the product, and will eventually start to request VideoScout CDs from other athletes in the area who are also trying to make the team and get scholarships.
VideoScout CDs take an athlete’s successes and promotes them as if the student were on the front page of a newspaper. By utilizing the latest technology, VideoScout CDs contain high quality interactive videos that promote each athlete’s unique abilities. Each VideoScout CD also contains sections that showcase game highlights. This gives a scout or recruiter a comprehensive look at an athlete’s skills and training potential all on one CD that lasts approximately 45 minutes.  Along with game footage, VideoScout CDs include a personal message video from the athlete’s current and/or past coaches. Each coach will speak about the athlete’s strengths & weaknesses, personality traits, academics, and progress throughout the season. It’s advice from one coach to another.
VideoScout CDs also showcase a personal message from the student athlete who is sending the video. Students can promote themselves athletically and academically in this video clip. Having a personal message from the student allows scouts and recruiters to get a real sense of the personality behind the athlete. Students should speak about what they think is important, but ideas may include their interests outside of school, where they get their drive, and what they are planning for themselves in the future. The athlete’s personal message section is invaluable to college recruiters because they are bound by NCAA regulations that limit the amount of interaction they can have with a perspective recruit. Through intensive research, VideoScout has obtained the questions that recruiters and coaches would ask if permitted to interview any perspective athlete directly. The answers each athlete provides are then placed on the VideoScout CDs.
One of the greatest features of the VideoScout CD is the interactivity with the Internet. The web is an essential marketing tool in today’s business world, and each VideoScout CD has a direct link to the athlete’s personal web page designed by VideoScout. This web page contains the latest information such as the athlete’s stats, current academic standing, SAT scores, and even a current game schedule with game highlights from past games. This allows a scout or a recruiter to keep up to date with their potential scholarship recipient and even gives them the ability to attend future games without the hassle of searching for game times and locations.

In addition to the athlete getting his or her own personal web page, any athlete with a VideoScout CD will be added to the recruitment page on This page is hosted for recruiters and divided by sport categories so they can easily access and research athletes from across the country. It’s one more added value of the VideoScout method.

With college tuition constantly on the rise, any assistance with costs would be a bonus. All parents and students will agree with this point, and that is the unique selling proposition for VideoScout. It’s like winning the lottery when a college education is paid for with scholarships, and a VideoScout CD is the tool that can give students that extra chance to display their talents.

Investment in a VideoScout CD involves a firm belief in a child’s talent, and its success is based on the child's proven abilities as a winning athlete. Belief and a small investment can lead to amazing outcomes. VideoScout turns dreams into reality.